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100 Days to glory

Do you desire a closer walk with the Lord? I would dare say that most of us really want to see the glory of the Lord show up in our lives. 100 Days to Glory is a great way to start off the New Year. Join us from January 1st-April 10th and see something special take place in your life, home, and church.

This plan is very simple, so we will keep it brief...

The 4 Pillars to this 100 Day Movement are:

I. 100 Minutes of Prayer each week (just go for 15 mins each day).

II. 100 Minutes of Bible reading each week (just go for 15 mins each day).

III. 100 Days of Random Acts of Kindness (pay it forward in a drive-thru, help an elder unload groceries etc).

IV. 100 Days of Fasting (sacrifice something that you love for 100 days, social media, fav shows, fav food etc).

We assure you that in the end, you will be closer to God's Glory than before you started!

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